Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Green Hornet on Radio

This new Seth Rogen Green Hornet movie turned out to be pretty loathsome, although we here at Catclaw HQ are certainly big Cameron Diaz fans (she was great in last year's Knight and Day). Choosing to frame it in a slapstick camp style, they've totally missed the flavor of the 1966-1967 TV show and the 1940-1941 film serials.

But most of you young whippersnappers probably don't even know that the Green Hornet was originally a radio drama, having debuted on January 31, 1936, on Detroit's WXYZ, and running sporadically until 1952.

Five episodes of the radio show are downloadable in mp3 format from the great Old Time Radio Fans website: "Black Market for Profit", "The Return of Oliver Perry", "Murder and the Dope Racket", "Hot Money and Death", and "The Stuffed Panda".

Download: Five episodes of The Green Hornet

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